Philippe (SHOCK) Matthews “Digitalnomics: Walk Away Wealth Systems”
Discussion and Book Signing


Master Teacher, Kaba Hiawatha Kamene says, “I think of Philippe SHOCK Matthews as being the Marcus Garvey of the present day. DigitalNomics takes us to the point where we now have the ability to be in control of our own destiny.” DigitalNomics is the first book of its kind that teaches Melinated people how to truly become frequency specific to their unique manifestation vibration of the Pyramid builders, by showing them how to use their Melinated mind and Pineal Gland to unlock unlimited wealth and prosperity using information marketing and their smartphone. DigitalNomics is the ultimate system on how to create what I have coined as WAWS (Walk Away Wealth Systems) by using the digital currency of the internet known as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The Melinated reader will learn how to raise their frequency to bypass institutionalized racism, daily racial stress, academic castration and economic strife that is germane to Melinated Americans. You will discover how to use your mind or the minds of others to create unlimited sources of prosperity using information marketing technology and systems that can be activated simply by using your smartphone or tablet. PART 1: THE MIND Part one of DigitalNomics deals with programming THE MIND to identify how the intergenerational, epigenetics of poverty and being systematically locked out of America’s economic system has triggered PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) in Melinated men, women and children that has arrested our development before birth! Once you know what has happened to your life and is happening in your life, you will then have the power to make the necessary changes in your behavior that will positively alter the epigenetics of your life. You will discover the hidden powers of being Melinated and how to recognize your unique ability to overcome and survive America’s mental enslavement along with how and why Melinated men and women in the US have become the strongest race of people in human history! You will be introduced to the process of “Zero Point Thinking”, and how to begin training your brain to become a critical thinker rather than an angry over reactor. You will learn how to activate the science of SHOCK Metaphysics and become frequency specific to the original metaphysicians of our ancestors. DigitalNomics will help you unleash the power of GAGUT (God’s Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) and awaken you to the truth that Melinated people are an exclusive member of the most intelligent race of people that God put first on the planet. DigitalNomics will teach you how to activate and decalcify your pineal gland and how to raise your unique, Melinated vibration using binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies and isochronics. Additionally, THE MIND section of DigitalNomics will show you how to unlock the cycles of Light and Dark Hours along with unlocking the hidden powers of all three frequencies. PART 2: THE MONEY THE MONEY section of DigitalNomics will introduce you to the power of creating your own economic empire to permanently change the direction of your life by creating your own Walk Away Wealth Systems. This section of the book will also show you how to use your tablet, smartphone or laptop to unleash the power of your cell phone and social media network to promote your WAWS by learning how to develop ecourses, special reports and authoring your first ebook. You will also learn how to use Google Docs and the Google Drive platform to empower your productivity and produce unlimited digital WAWS. PART 3: THE METHOD Finally, THE METHOD section of the book will show you how to create your own Wordpress blog and experiment with finding unique niches to write about and share with your social media audience to further promote your WAWS. You will learn how to use the e-commerce system of Gumroad and given step-by-step instructions on how launch your digital ecourse and ebooks without the need for paypal or a website.