Milton Bowens Art Talk
With Former Mayor Kevin Johnson


St. HOPE is pleased to present an engaging discussion between former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and current Artist-in-Residence Milton Bowens in the art talk, ”How Art Becomes Valued”.


6pm-7pm – Discussion (Guild Theater – 2828 35th Street)

7pm-8:30pm – Reception (Fixins Soul Kitchen – 3428 Third Ave)


About the Artist: Milton is a nationally recognized artist and activist, who has been creating powerful work for the past 20 years. With his unique brand of mixed media paintings, enveloping the viewer as witness, participant and long lost relatives. They become reflections on family, life and culture.

About the Discussion: Understanding the value of art is not always as simple as black and white. All artists, from those who are immensely talented to those who are able to create a buzz through sheer promotion, look to their collectors’ base to provide the foundation to sustain their art careers.

Artists, of any color or gender who never find such champions, will have a harder time sustaining their careers than those who have support and patronage.

The value of art has and will always be connected to the collectors who collect art.