“Mean Time Love: A Women’s Journey From Self-Loathe to Self-Love”
By Anita Ross


In Mean Time Love: A Woman’s Journey from Self-Loathe to Self Love, Anita gives you an unfilltered, raw peek into her soul. She shares the breakthrough principles and practices that she used to rescue herself from the quicksand of low self-esteem and victim mentality to skyrocket herself to the mountaintop of total self acceptance and unconditional love. 

Mrs. Ross wrote this book because one woman in the world feeling unlovable is one too many! Feeling unlovable equates to not loving yourself, not feeling worthy of love and not extending love to others. Time is of the essence! Each day that a woman makes choices without loving herself is a day that she will make harmful choices. It is a day she may be abused by her partner. It is a day she may neglect herself. It is a day she may withhold love from her child. It is a day she may suppress her dream. It is a day she may starve herself. It is a day she may overeat. It is a day she may do drugs. It is a day she may cut herself. It is a day she may attempt suicide. If this book can help at least one woman avoid a day like this then I have done my job. Ultimately, Mrs. Ross aims for a world where all women are bursting with love that outpours on to and into others and rids our society of the many ills plaguing it.