JTM: We came to play TOUR
by VitBrand Entertainment


JTM is bringing his “We came to play” tour to Sacramento CA! Get your ticket soon and dont miss out on a limited sale show!

Previously known as James the Mormon, JTM is the biracial (1/2 black 1/2 white) product of divorced parents and grew up in an abusive broken home overseas most his life in Russia, China, Taiwan and Uzbekistan. Being told he would never amount to anything most of his life he truly resonated Hip Hop as he heard and watched it for the first time on BET as a 14-year-old in Maryland. Being the only American black kid in a very international setting he had never felt like he belonged to any type of community. Hip Hop opened his eyes to Black America and immediately he fell in love, and for the first time felt like he belonged somewhere. The anger, passion, and story telling he heard from artists like DMX, Eminem, Ludacris, and so many others subtlety encouraged him to use Hip hop as a creative outlet of his own, and from that moment forward, James couldn’t hear a beat without writing his own version of the song in his head. When hip hop has truly become a part of you like it did for James it never goes away, and after his mission he continued on with his hobby and released music on his social media. It was other people that connected with the music that called him “James The Mormon” as a rapper, and the name just stuck. Since then James has released 2 albums, countless singles, charted with the #1 Hip hop album on itunes and #1 breakout artist on Billboard. A unknown market was created as Mormons who love hip hop saw James as their guy and a incredibly solid following of hundreds of thousands of people ready to support was born.