Girl Luxe
Esther's Park

Girl Luxe

Enrichment event for pre-teen girls, ages 10-12, focusing on the importance of self care, health in all forms, and sisterhood.

About this event

St.HOPE Presents Girl Luxe: Enrichment Event

This time can be incredibly difficult as pre-teen girls transition from childhood to adolescence. Along with the physical changes, there are an immense amount of emotional and mental changes occurring within pre-teens.

Discussions will include how to navigate this difficult time by providing guidance on coping mechanisms, emphasizing the importance of seeking support, and lessons on how to best respond to peer and social issues using emotional intelligence.

Most importantly, this event will work to encourage each young lady to identify the importance of a healthy lifestyle based on self care and addressing mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our yoga session will be led by Kirsten Johnson, Community Organizer and Founder of of Yoga Moves Us. During the yoga session, the ladies will practice stating “I am” affirmations to build confidence.

There will be a workshop experience discussing the importance of sisterhood and growth mindset, led by Marianna Sousa, Author and Founder of Mariworks Productions, a multimedia arts and education organization. Her mission is to boost self-awareness and restorative practices with an emphasis on mental health, safety awareness and crisis prevention.

To promote mindfulness and creativity the young ladies will participate in a painting session led by local artist, Aliyah Sidqe.

This is a FREE event but registration is required. Lunch will be provided.