Georgia Smith “I Was Man’s Trash, Now I’m in the King’s Treasure”
Discussion and Book Signing


I Was Man’s Trash, Now I’m in the King’s Treasury, is about a woman writing to her daughter, Tee, who wanted to know about her mother’s life, and to any other daughters and sons that have been hurt or devastated in life no matter how old or young they may be. All though this is a story about my life, and my choices, as you read this please remember that it is never too late to change your future. This is not meant to be a sad story, but one of victory. It is my hope that some would be healed while reading the pages of this book. Where men literally walked on me, stepped over me, and threw me aside as trash, The King, of kings saw me, picked me up, cleaned and polished me, and declared me to be a valuable jewel. I decided to go on an adventure to see if I could find some sort of connection from my past to the person that I am to day. So where should I start? … at this house I found out that I was black. I never thought about being black or white. One Christmas mama bought me this little rubber doll that had molded black hair, black eyes, and brown skin. I told mama that I didn’t want that burnt up doll. When she told me that it was the same color that I was, I was shocked. As a teen I needed to get away from all of the crazy things that were happening to me so I ran away. I had fallen into such a pit of low self-esteem that I had decided to use my own body to get me out of the mess that I was in.