“The Future of Fathers: Will You Stay and Become a Father, or Will You Walk Out the Door…”
By Rick J. McPhearson


The future of fathers is a revitalizing, uplifting and real look at what many men will go through as they journey to fatherhood. It gives insight from one father’s perspective, and it gives resources and facts about where we are in society as fathers. It will challenge you, motivate you, and hopefully enlighten you. Use it as a tool, and let it serve as a guide to your future, the future of fathers where men are made to step up and take on the responsibilities set forth the very moment your child looked up, opened their tiny eyes and proclaimed you as Dad. So now it’s your time, time to take the next step in your journey to fatherhood where you will earn the highest badge of honor one can have bestowed upon him. The badge of fatherhood, the badge you receive for staying against all odds and adversities. The badge that no one can ever take away, however so few of us ever really earn it. Will you earn it? The future of fathers depends on it…