Elizabeth Hope Brown: “And on the 7th Day, She Rests”
Discussion and Book Signing


Underground Books

Saturday, April 8 from 2-4pm

…And on the 7th Day, She Rests…, is an introductory bio-sketch of the lives of 5 women and a teenage girl. They are finding their voice, and given a platform to tell their stories. This book gives a reflective look of some of the things they’ve already experienced. We get a glimpse of non-discriminatory scenarios that any of us could find ourselves in. We see successful ways they’ve practiced avoidance, functioned through depression, practiced denial, and lived through the driving forces that helped get them to survive their past. The number seven is used throughout the book as a moment of completion. A completion of what was, and the beginning of what will be. Through their transparency you will laugh, cry, rejoice, and indirectly encourage them to get some rest. It’s been a difficult process for each of these ladies to finally come to a place of admitting they can no longer handle life as it is, and considers the need for change in their lifestyle choices. Change looks different for each of them whether it’s in the therapeutic clinical setting, to have more social interactions, being more active in their physical lifestyle and diet, or embracing a spiritual setting. This novel can be used as a resource and icebreaker to reference topics that can be uncomfortable. It can also be used in book clubs, empowerment workshops, formal and informal teaching environments. Ultimately it can be read during personal leisure time to encourage others to tell their own story.