Dr. Shinshuri’s “Expressions of Unconditional Love: A Continuous Dose of Inspiration”
Discussion and Book Signing


Expressions of Unconditional Love is an invitation to you to tap in and get turned on to the deepest, most provocative love affair that will heal and transform your life. In this book, Dr. Shinshuri shares short healing and personal-leadership affirmations that you can use as you embark upon this amazing journey into the inner depth of your soul. Don’t allow yourself to slip back into old patterns that keep you debilitated. Embrace your freedom with a sense of fortitude and commitment. Get out of the Excuse Zone and step into the Empowerment Zone! There is work you must do to liberate yourself and stand resonant in your magnificence and beauty, as your true I AM presence. It won’t be easy. But it is very simple. “The most perfect representation of regenerative life in our world is the lotus flower. It seeds and blossoms at the same time. This is a natural expression of unconditional love” -Dr. Shinshuri