“Changing the Norm: A Black Women’s Guide To Eating, Looking and Feeling Her Best”
By Laticia Action Jackson


There’s an overabundance of health, fitness and nutrition books available for today’s consumer. However, few of these books identify the unique barriers and challenges African American women face in the areas of weight loss, proper nutrition, healthy living, stress management, hair care barriers to exercise and much more. Why Changing The Norm? There’s an alarming amount of data that supports the need for a book like “Changing the Norm”. According to the Centers for Disease Control 4 out of 5 African American women are obese and 1 out of 4 African American women over the age of 55 have type 2 diabetes. Obesity has been linked to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke and some forms of cancer. Each of these identified chronic illnesses affects African American women at higher rates when compared to all other races and ethnicities. It’s Time to Change the Norm! Therefore in order to address these issues, Health and Fitness Expert, Fitness Olympian, In Weekly’s Best Personal Trainer on The Gulf Coast, Laticia “Action” Jackson provides African American women with solutions to overcome various barriers that prevent them from becoming the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. She addresses cultural norms within the African American community that contribute to these barriers and provides practical and easy to follow solutions to solve many of these challenges. With over 15 years in the health promotion, wellness and fitness field, Laticia “Action” Jackson has helped thousands improve their health and has proven she has the knowledge, skills and ability to do the same for you and your community. Therefore, if you’re ready to add your name to this list of those who have reached a better state of health and you’re ready to get into the best shape of your life, increase your energy levels, learn proper nutrition and exercise methods to feel great about your body, this book is just for you! You are your best investment! Therefore invest in your health today! On the following pages of this book you will learn: How Your Confidence Can Affect Your Health How to Create a Health-Conscience Environment How to Acknowledge the Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight Why Balanced Nutrition is Essential for Good Health Why Diets and Diet Pills Don’t Work How to Shop for, Prepare and Cook Healthy Meals How to Identify Your Body Type and How it Responds to Exercise How to ask for help in order to spend more time on yourself Recipes for Palate pleasing recipes good for the soul Why the notion of being ” A Strong Black Woman” is killing you Total Body Curve Defining Exercises!