Beatrice Toney Bailey “Get Ready, Get Set, Cuz We’re All Gonna Go!!”
Discussion and Book Signing


“Farewell, My Friend” has been updated and renamed to “Get Ready, Get Set Cuz…We’re All Gonna Go!!”  Bea gives you key advice regarding estate planning, in-home care, and funeral planning as well as dealing with doctors, hospitals, wills, trusts, stress, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  This workbook also incorporates every conceivable facet of care giving and care taking.  This workbook is enabling people who are facing serious illness to move from a position of crisis to empowerment. “Get Ready, Get Set Cuz…We’re All Gonna Go!!” is written in a practical and down-to-earth style with an overlay of humor that any reader can easily understand and use immediately.