“The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala”
Book Signing by April Green


Underground Books (2814 35th Street)

(916) 737-3333

Dane, What About Me? is the first of a series of 10 children’s books, The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala. Nala is a Great Dane puppy and Dane, What About Me? allows you to see the world through her eyes. Nala wishes that she could enjoy life with the same privileges as other K-9, but with her size comes a few obstacles.

Nala’s birth name is Princess Dane Nala and her K-9 parents are royal Champion Great Danes. One day, Nala realizes that she possesses secret powers and can understand and speak to not only K-9s, but also others who live in Mother Nature. The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala will take you on a fun-filled journey with Nala and her secret friends.

Nala and all of her friends will bring joy and wonder to children, parents and teachers alike. As a Great Dane owner, April Green knows that it takes a lot to care for these gentle giants, and would like to extend a special thank you to all those who care for them.