Inez Chapman Taylor “From One Came Many”
Discussion and Book Signing

Community Event

Inez Chapman Tylor is the daughter of Idella Stamps Chapman. On June 30, 1926, in Bolton, Mississippi, Ellis and Katherine Stamps welcomed a daughter, Idella, into the family. Idella would grow into a woman of strong faith in the Lord and a mother of eighteen. When raising her children, she was a superb mother who really loved her family. Idella seemed to sense her destiny early in life. In her book From One Came Many, she states, “I used to wonder who of my mother’s children would take after my mother in childbearing. My oldest sister was too mean; my second sister didn’t stay with a husband long enough, and I thought my brothers wouldn’t get the right wife, so I couldn’t see the lot falling on anyone but me to have a lot of children. And I did. I had eighteen of them, eight more than my mother and they were all single births.” In her book, Idella recounts events from her life that provide stepping stones into the past. The book allows the reader to peep through the window of time and get to know a strong, black woman whose faith is firmly rooted in the Lord. Get to know her by the words on the pages of her awesome book. Listen as she speaks via the excerpts below. There’s a story about my father that has stayed with me and my sisters and brothers because it changed everything about our family. My Papa went to town to see his boss, about what, I do not know. He stayed gone all day. My mother was worried. I was about six years old and late that evening a man came by and talked to my mother. I could tell from the way she looked that something was wrong.