Solar Projects by Sac High Engineering & STEM Students
By Mr. Shetty, Engineering & Math Teacher


Sac High students in the engineering pathway have been collaborating with Grid Alternatives, a local non-profit solar company, since 2015-16 as they look to expand affordable, renewable energy options to low income families.

First project in 2015-16

Our school’s collaboration with Grid Alternatives commenced in the fall of 2015-16 with an invitation to the company to present the opportunity for our students to learn about their mission and volunteer program. On February 6, 2016, several Dragons –Jordan, Leon, Johnny, Khalil, Kiara, Chris, and Simon – participated in installing a 3.8 Kilo Watt solar unit on a house. Being the only student who was 18, Kiara had the opportunity to work on the roof while others helped the crew on the ground.

Summer 2016-17

In the summer of 2017, our students had the opportunity to participate in the very first Future Solar Summer project and each student received a $200 stipend along with participation certificate. Brandon, Johnny, Vernell, Jordan, Maya, Andy, Willie, Khalil and Gerald all participated in this program. Our students assisted Grid Alternatives in completing two separate installations of 3.9 kilo watt power solar units at different locations in Sacramento. Students also learned how to build the roof, lay the electrical cables, bend the electrical conduits, inspect, install, and test the solar panels. Further, students toured the STORC at Sacramento State University, and a LEED approved Architecture Company in Sacramento. On July 25th, our students had the opportunity to represent our school for enabling Grid Alternatives received the $3,000 grant from the River Cats at Raley Field, Sacramento. This grant in turn opened the door for our students to continue to work with Grid Alternatives.

Fall 2017-18

Grid Alternatives was  impressed with the service and commitment of our students in the past, so they gladly offered the opportunity for our current students –Gabriela Ortega, Eric Ulloa, Kimaury Thomas, Cierra Bernhardt, Bella Rainwater, Ryan Womack, and Willie Sutton (Alumni) to install another 3.9 kilowatt solar unit this year. On October 12th and 13th, our students completed their fourth project with the help of Grid Alternatives.