New Garden Mural Created by Dragon Alumni Aizik Brown


Edible Sac High sat down to get to know more about muralist, Aizik Brown, a 2012 Sac High graduate who also studied Studio Art at Humboldt State University.  Aizik was inspired at a young age by his father, who was a graffiti artist. He remembered his father showing him how to draw and was totally stunned by it. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Aizik. “Once I found graffiti I did not want to stop doing it. I have to say that my father was the main influence and inspiration in me becoming an artist.”


Aizik, grateful for the opportunity to paint a fivepanel mural that will hang on the auditorium wall overlooking the school garden, wants the students at his alma mater to experience something different.  “A sense of pride and color is what I wanted to bring out with this mural. The garden just makes it that much more lively.”


Already within the first week, drawing and painting the murals have taken at least 24-30 hours. Aizik and Antonio Sarabia pushed really hard to get the mural done. With his help they have turned this mural into a beautiful experiment. They worked with different colors, shapes, and lines to make this piece really stand out. 

When asked about his favorite panel, Aizik said, “It has to be the “love” piece. The love piece for me symbolizes the feelings that I have towards this high school and this community. From an artistic standpoint, it had the best balance out of all the panels that we have done. I think that the love panel jumps right out to the audience. For it to be in the middle of the mural it expands out to the rest of the panels and the garden to give it the care that it needs.”


Aizik currently works at College Track in Sacramento and at the Painted Cork studio. He has been volunteering with muralists during the Wide Open Walls in Sacramento and dreams of one day opening a community center dedicated to the arts, music and dance, skateboarding, basketball and fitness, theater, and a general area for events and shows. We can’t wait to see Aizik’s next steps and it is incredibly rewarding to see a Sac High Dragon alum giving back to the community and school where he was so successful.