2017 CAASPP Data Release


The eagerly anticipated SHPS state test results were officially released September 27th. While student performance for most of the State of California flat-lined this year, the overall percentage of SHPS scholars meeting or exceeding the standard went up six percentage points in English Language Arts and two percentage points in Math.

One of the most impressive pieces of data revealed the percentage of African American students at Sac High meeting or exceeding the standards in English and Math was 29 percentage points and 14 percentage points higher, respectively, than the percentages at SCUSD. This trend was not unique to Sac High. All four SHPS schools achieved margins over the district in these categories.  African-American students at PS7 Middle School outpaced African-American students in SCUSD by 18 percentage points in English and 16 percentage points in Math. African-American scholars at Oak Park Prep outperformed their SCUSD counterparts by 17 percentage points in Math and seven percentage points in English. Additionally, African-American students at PS7 Elementary outperformed African American students in SCUSD by nine percentage points and five percentage points respectively in English and Math.

“These increases in student achievement demonstrate that the hard work and dedication of our scholars, families, teachers, and staff are truly paying off,” said Jake Mossawir, CEO of St. HOPE Public Schools.