La Pastorela de Sacramento is a modern bilingual musical of Mexico’s traditional Christmas pageant. Satirical, poignant, moralistic, sly and romantic, with contemporary and timeless subject matter. La Pastorela draws directly from current affairs in the best tradition of magical realism. The Latino Center of Art & Culture (LCAC) showcases talented local artists offering Sacramento a musical perfect for the spirit of the season.

The transformation of contemporary recognizable figures into four shepherds traditional is a new twist. Armando, a young developer about to score a major contract in Oak Park; Carmela, a Sacramento-born former Hollywood starlet who lost everything when she refused to sleep with her producer; Juan, an Afghanistan war vet with PTSD, and Gila, a college student and homeless advocate face their moral dilemmas. They have to work together to help a homeless family (Mary and Joseph characters) and save the world from “fire, famine, and pestilence.” The finale, with it’s dramatic battle of good versus evil has audiences erupting into boos, cheers, and song.

Written by Marie Acosta (LCAC Executive Director/San Francisco Mime Troupe alum), and Tomas Benitez (Plaza del La Raza/Teatro Café) the lively play brings together professional actors and community players. Original songs amplify the visual power of the show, which uses low-tech magic to great effect.