Underground Books: Programs & Events


“The Future of Fathers: Will You Stay and Become a Father, or Will You Walk Out the Door…”
By Rick J. McPhearson

The future of fathers is a revitalizing, uplifting and real look at what many men will go through as they journey to fatherhood. It gives insight from one father’s perspective, and it gives resources and facts about where we are in society as fathers. It will challenge you, motivate you, and hopefully enlighten you. Use it as a tool, and let it serve as a guide to your future, the future of fathers where men are made to step up and take on the responsibilities set forth the very moment your child looked up, opened their tiny eyes and proclaimed you as Dad.


“Never Let Nobody Steal Yo’ Thunder: Don’t Let the Bad People Keep You Down
By Kim Y. Nelson

After turning everyone she knows against her, Alice decides that it is time to make a positive change in her life. But despite all of her efforts to do the right thing and stay out of trouble, she seems to be a magnet for bad luck and bad people. Unfortunately in life, it only takes one bad person to bring you down to the point that you lose all of your “thunder” and passion for life. Sometimes, it only takes one bad person to make you lose your very will to live. Alice struggles to find the inner strength to overcome adversity and open herself up to the possibility of true love.


“Chronicles of Connie 1 & 2″
By Constance Y. Cooper

“The Chronicles of Connie” by Constance Cooper, is a revealing and transparent testimony of a young woman’s struggles with substance abuse. Cooper’s story is about her struggles, the victories and how ultimately yielding to the power of God saved her life.


Art Talk
With Milton Bowens

Featuring artist K Johnson from Indianapolis

“Retrospective” is a collection of Kevin’s work over the last seven years.


Children’s Storytime

Come join us on the last Saturday of each month from 12-1pm for Children’s Story time at Underground Books (2814 35th St.)  hosted by the River City Road Runners. 

The free event is catered to children ages 3-10 and includes a book reading and an organized arts and crafts project.  Kids also receive a free book!

Parents are welcome to attend and participate with their children. 

Please visit our upcoming events section for future dates, or contact the bookstore for more information.


“Adult Master Art Workshop”
With Milton 510 Bowens

Renowned Bay Area artist and educator, Milton 510 Bowens will present a series of
Adult Master Art Workshops beginning Saturday, September 8 from 5-7pm. 

Attendees will create their own individual, message driven, mixed media original work of art.

More information to come!


“Paint and Sip” with Ebony London
By Underground Books


I am in harmony with myself.

I am in harmony with you.

I am in harmony with us.

At this painting event, you will paint three figures, standing side-by-side, with flowing garments. You will spend time customizing the figure’s gender, skin tone, hair color/texture and the figure’s clothing design & colors.

Cost: $35

Visit Underground Books to reserve your seat!!


“Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African American Healing”
By Michelle Elizabeth Lee

African American traditional medicine is an American classic that emerged out of the necessity of its people to survive. It began with the healing knowledge brought with the African captives on the slave ships and later merged with Native American, European and other healing traditions to become a full-fledged body of medicinal practices that has lasted in various forms down to the present day.


“Operation Growth: an extraordinary journey of maturity, motherhood and black girl magic”
By Brandi R Richard

Operation Growth is designed to help women on the cusp of greatness, navigate to their personal next level. Through her authentic account of the struggles and triumphs of a single black woman, leader, and mom, Brandi has woven together a hero’s story of how to navigate to your personal next level. You don’t have to see it or know exactly what it is, because perfection is not necessary. Grit and tenacity absolutely are. Operation Growth is about determination and identification of your divine destiny.


“Changing the Norm: A Black Women’s Guide To Eating, Looking and Feeling Her Best”
By Laticia Action Jackson

There’s an overabundance of health, fitness and nutrition books available for today’s consumer. However, few of these books identify the unique barriers and challenges African American women face in the areas of weight loss, proper nutrition, healthy living, stress management, hair care barriers to exercise and much more. Why Changing The Norm? There’s an alarming amount of data that supports the need for a book like “Changing the Norm”.


“Mean Time Love: A Women’s Journey From Self-Loathe to Self-Love”
By Anita Ross

In Mean Time Love: A Woman’s Journey from Self-Loathe to Self Love, Anita gives you an unfilltered, raw peek into her soul. She shares the breakthrough principles and practices that she used to rescue herself from the quicksand of low self-esteem and victim mentality to skyrocket herself to the mountaintop of total self acceptance and unconditional love.