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What to expect after you apply

I. Resume Screen: All applications are carefully reviewed to ensure the candidate meets the basic requirements for employment and provides acceptable answers to our written questions (written questions are provided only to certificated applicants).

II. Phone Interview: Those who pass the resume screen will be invited to a phone interview. Candidates can expect to receive an E-mail to select a time for a phone interview. Phone interviews are meant to gauge a candidate’s fit with our organization and are meant to last no longer than 20 minutes.

III. In-person interview: Those who pass the phone interview will be invited to an in-person interview. Candidates will first receive a call or E-mail to set up a time for this next step. Our team will then send a confirmation E-mail at least 24 hours prior to the interview to confirm time and location. In-person interviews are formal interviews. Candidates are expected to adhere to a professional dress code and come prepared with their own questions. Most interviews include at least two and up to five interviewers.

IV. Demonstration lesson (for instructional positions) or other project-based interview: Those who pass the in-person interview will be invited back for a demonstration lesson or project-based interview.Candidates for instructional positions will be given a standard and guidelines at least 24 hoursbeforehand

What if I am not chosen for any of the above steps?

All applicants will hear back from our Human Capital Team within two weeks of a position’s deadline, whether or not they are selected for a phone interview. We are committed to making sure to communicate clearly at every step of the process, whether or not we chose to move forward with an applicant.

How can I find out about other opportunities at St. HOPE?

To view current opportunities at St. HOPE Public Schools, visit our official careers page. If you would like to be notified about future opportunities that we think you would be a good fit for, please send your send a resume and a cover letter to



For questions or concerns please contact us via email at