Public Schools: Join the St. HOPE Team


Educate. Train. Empower.

Why teach at a St. HOPE Public School? 

  • Be part of an organization that is revitalizing the Oak Park Community and empowering tomorrow’s leaders
  • Work with like-minded individuals who are focused on scholar success
  • Improve your practice through meaningful professional development and subject-area collaboration
  • Become a transformative leader by working to close the achievement gap

Five Pillars 

  1. High Expectations: We have high expectations of both ourselves and our scholars
  2. Choice and Commitment: We make the choice daily to commit ourselves to do what is best for kids
  3. More time: We all give more time so our scholars get more time
  4. Focus on Results: We focus our our efforts driving results-based outcomes
  5. Power to Lead: We empower our colleagues and scholars to lead from the front