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Career Opportunities

Dear future team member,

Our teachers join our PS7 and Sac High teams because they fiercely believe in our mission to challenge the status quo. They are hard-workers who are drawn to our firm belief that all of our scholars can reach their full potential. Our teachers rise to the challenge time and time again because they are committed to ensuring that all scholars, regardless of their background or life circumstances, have the best education possible.

At St. HOPE, we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive school culture that is driven by high expectations. Many students come to our schools without the support and resources at home that they need and deserve. While we acknowledge and work to combat these issues hand-in-hand with the students and their families, we never use it as an excuse for accepting anything less than excellence.
We believe in the power of teachers and know that having three years in a row of excellent teaching can overcome the average achievement deficit between low-income scholars and their more affluent peers. We consistently ground ourselves in this belief and prioritize collaboration so that we are building upon scholar success year after year. As a result, we’ve raised the bar and our scholars are achieving academic results far beyond their contemporaries at traditional schools and are thriving both socially and emotionally.

Our teachers bring the St. HOPE mission to life every day and we believe they should be compensated accordingly. Our unique program is designed to support teachers’ development and provide coaching to help them develop into the best teachers possible. Part of this includes
21 professional development days that are structured to provide relevant and practical resources for our teachers.

Each year we graduate self-motivated, industrious, and critical thinking leaders who are committed to serving others, passionate about lifelong learning, and prepared to earn a degree from a four-year college. Our scholars leave St. HOPE and go on to do amazing things.

Are you looking to join a team of highly qualified, passionate, and committed teachers who work hard every day to close the achievement gap and change the life outcomes of their students? If so, St. HOPE is the right fit for you!

In partnership,

Lisa Ruda

Chief of Schools


Shawna Smith
High School Dance Teacher

What is your commitment to urban education and why have you chose to work at SHPS?

My commitment to urban education is to do my best to make every child feel as though they can do and be whatever they want to regardless of their background or tough situations. I chose SHPS for many reasons, one to be apart of giving back to an urban community and two because having a black teacher increases low income black student graduation rate and I want to be a positive face for the children that look like me and those that don’t.