Teresa Leyva
Education Specialist

What is your commitment to urban education and why have you chosen to work at SHPS?

My commitment to urban education is to provide a space where scholars can feel confident in investing in their education. A place where scholars have the choice to be anything they want to be and know they have a support system available. I chose to work at SHPS for several reasons, two of which I keep close to my heart; one, my dad went to high school at Sacramento Charter High School and it is like full circle to be an educator to our Sac High Scholars, and two, to best support multicultural students and serve as a role model for my students where together we can empower one another. 

What are your greatest highlights in working in education?

My greatest highlights would have to include the moments I have gotten to spend with my students. Of these moments, the ‘aha’ moment -  when a student comprehends their work is truly inspirational and is one of the reasons why I serve as an educator for my students. Working in education is creating relationships with our students to create a long lasting impact where learning is achieved as a two-way street. 

What book ( fiction or non-fiction) has influenced you the most? 

A non-fiction book called ‘Tuesdays with Morrie” impacted me in several ways as it describes the hardships of a person and the advice to all people, young, old, and in-between.