Mikaela Berthiaume
Math Teacher, PS7 Middle School

1. How long have you been with St. HOPE?

This is my 5th year working at St. HOPE at Ps7 Middle. I started at Ps7 in 2012 as a Sacramento Corps member with Teach for America, Ps7 was my placement school. 

2. What is your commitment to urban education and why have you chose to work at SHPS?

I am committed to helping all of my students learn how to believe in themselves. I think that building confidence, especially in middle school, is a key lever for students to get to and through college. I am committed to holding the highest expectations for our students so that they can discover their true potential. I continue to come back to Ps7 and St. HOPE each year because I believe in our kids. I think that the work we are doing matters and our kids deserve the best. 

3.What are your greatest highlights in working in education?

My favorite part of each year is the 8th grade promotion ceremony. It is the best day of the year because it is the culmination of everything that our scholar’s have worked so hard for in their three years at the middle school. Seeing the pride in their families eyes and watching them confidently cross the stage ready for their next step in education makes me so proud to work here and humble to be a part of the moment. 

4. What book ( fiction or non-fiction) has influenced you the most?

A book that I read recently that has been influential for me is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” I took a Dale Carnegie class in high school and it taught me a lot about building positive relationships with people, effective public speaking, and great communication skills.  A lot of what I learned in that class and his book I apply to teaching.