Link Crew


Link Crew is a freshman transition and leadership development program in which successful Juniors and Seniors are selected to serve as mentors to students throughout their freshman year. Link Crew leaders receive comprehensive training in leadership and mentorship skills during the summer and throughout the year in weekly Link Leader Meetings. Through this training they are equipped to present a dynamic “freshman orientation” day in which new scholars are welcomed and participate in a variety of activities to help them know they have a place at Sac High, and to connect with their peers and Link Leaders. 

Once the year begins, Link Crew continues through two main facets: Academic and Social followups. In academic followups, Link Leaders visit their freshmen weekly to discuss grades, college, and personal well-being. Social followups are activities and incentives provided for freshmen for free to give them a sense of belonging and to expose them to the variety of activities available at Sac High.