Brett Wilson
5th Grade Teacher, PS7 Elementary


1. How long have you been with St. HOPE? This will be my fourth year at St. Hope, and my third with PS7.

2. What is your commitment to urban education and why have you chose to work at SHPS? I’m committed to urban education because I’m passionate about all kids, and I can’t live in a world where some kids have certain advantages over others and do nothing. Because I know there is a disparate relationship between education found in urban areas and other locations, it is my responsibility as a person to do everything I can to close those gaps.

3. What are your greatest highlights in working in education? Some of my greatest highlights are seeing my kids succeed in ways they didn’t believe that they could. I spent a long time as a behavior specialist before coming to St. HOPE, and both in the school I worked beforehand as well as here, I regularly encountered students who had been told they “couldn’t”, and internalized that. I love watching their minds change about themselves, and how relentlessly they pursue becoming better because they know they are worth it.

4. What book (fiction or non-fiction) has influenced you the most? The book that has inspired me the most is probably “The Violence of Love” by Oscar Romero. He was a priest in Latin America and his book highlights the struggle of those living in poverty in his country and the responsibility we have as people to confront and battle the negative of effects of that poverty.