Annie Cervenka
Principal of Oak Park Prep


Annie Cervenka began her career as a Teach for America Corps member, where she taught science at a local charter school in Los Angeles. She began her career at a low preforming Charter School that was on the brink on closing. With a strong team of teachers, parents, administrators and students,  they were able to transform this failing school into one of the top middle schools Los Angeles. While teaching 8th grade science at Community Charter Middle School eighty percent (80%) of her students scored advanced, and fifteen (15%) scored proficient totaling to ninety-five (95%) of students mastering the California State Test. Her school was recognized as a California Distinguished School, and was nominated for the National Blue Ribbon Award. While teaching, Mrs. Cervenka also coached first and second year Teach For America corps members to improve their instructional practices. She also worked within her Charter Management Organization to train newly hired teachers and mentored them throughout their educational career.

Oak Park Prep experienced a great deal of success in its inaugural year and Mrs. Cervenka is confident the students and teachers will continue to build on that foundation to create the best middle school in Sacramento.  Mrs. Cervenka strongly believes that every facet of a school must come together to create a great school. Students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community must put the students first, dedicating and believing 100% in their achievement.